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My Dream Fantasy Connie Mack World Series Lineup

I play in a couple of fantasy baseball leagues, and with just a third of the season left, my team in the Denslow Cup, a league that Mike, Griff, and I play in alongside many of our friends from college and high school, is tied for first place.  Because the last two pieces I have […]

Why Farmington Deserves Hosting Rights at the Connie Mack World Series

Recently a small New Mexican newspaper interviewed a highly celebrated and recently graduated (from an affluent private high school) New Mexican baseball player, who was chosen as a pick-up player from a regional tournament after his club team took it’s second loss in a Connie Mack regional tourney.  The player, who is signed at perhaps […]

DBAT: 20% of the 2012 Connie Mack World Series Field?

As the Connie Mack South Plains Regional concluded Sunday evening at TCU, the DBAT Mustangs squad advanced to yet another Connie Mack World Series.  The same thing happened last year, but in less of a landslide.  This year’s march to victory was reminiscent of the domination that Carpenter’s Mustangs squad displayed prior to the creation […]

The First Trade of the 2012 Denslow Cup Season

This afternoon the Towel and I completed a trade in the Denslow Cup that we had been discussing since last week.  It involved David Wright and Ryan Zimmerman as the centerpieces, and since I had Zimmerman, my side was going to be bigger.  We play in a league that uses both OBP and Slug% as […]

Just a Few Reasons I Love this Time of Year

I recently returned to Dallas after a spring break that took me to Scottsdale and Farmington to visit the people I love as well as to visit a residency that hopefully I will be a part of once I graduate from dental school.  During my time off I was able to watch several Cactus League […]

2012 MLB Draft Preview: Kyle Zimmer

In a previous post I commended San Francisco’s Kyle Zimmer for his standout career both as a student and as an athlete and suggested that he also will fall in the first half of round 1 come June, so I felt as though I should follow that up with a brief scouting report. Zimmer has […]

Baseball’s Unique Place in College Athletics: Academics

As opening weekend of NCAA baseball came and went, baseball fans, particularly those of the amateur and collegiate ranks, were once again swept up in the joy of spring and a return to normalcy.  We have been without the game since the end of the Arizona Fall League in many ways.  Although there is no […]

Top 50 Prospects: #1 – Matt Moore

#1 Matt Moore Tampa Bay Rays DOB: 6/18/1989 Previous Rank: 31 ETA: 2011 It’s almost impossible to earn a ranking ahead of Bryce Harper, but philosophically we consider a pitcher with present ace stuff and Major League opportunity to be more valuable than even a likely Hall of Fame hitter.  Moore made considerable steps forward […]

Top 50 Prospects: #2 – Bryce Harper

#2 Bryce Harper Washington Nationals DOB: 10/16/1992 Previous Rank: 1 ETA: 2013 There just isn’t very much to say that hasn’t already been said about Harper.  He is, in our opinion, the greatest offensive prospect in history, and he is second only to Strasburg in terms of history’s greatest prospects.  For an 18-year-old, Harper was […]

Top 50 Prospects: #3 – Dylan Bundy

#3 Dylan Bundy Baltimore Orioles DOB: 11/15/1992 Previous Rank: N/A ETA: 2014 Bundy is without a doubt the best prep pitcher to come along in a very long time, if ever.  Based on a purely statistical measure, he is without equal, striking out more than two hitters per inning playing for a school that spent […]

Top 50 Prospects: #4 – Shelby Miller

#4 Shelby Miller St. Louis Cardinals DOB: 10/10/1990 Previous Rank: 16 ETA: 2012 Aside from a team-issued suspension for being an idiot, Shelby Miller had an outstanding 2011 that only served to reinforce his spot as the top righty in the Minor Leagues.  He posted a 2.77 ERA in 25 starts across two levels including […]

Top 50 Prospects: #5 – Gerrit Cole

#5 Gerrit Cole Pittsburgh Pirates DOB: 9/8/1990 Previous Rank: N/A ETA: 2013 Cole was the first guy off the board in 2011, and it is pretty tough to make a strong case against that pick (except for the $8 million price tag).  We did not view him as the top guy available, but no one […]

Top 50 Prospects: #6 – Julio Teheran

#6 Julio Teheran Atlanta Braves DOB: 1/27/1991 Pre-2011 Rank: 13 ETA: 2011 Teheran is the kind of guy every team loves to see atop their prospect list.  Good build, athletic, aggressive, good makeup.  Teheran is all of these and more.  He features a four-pitch arsenal with his fastball, coming in anywhere from 94-97 mph, somehow […]

Top 50 Prospects: #7 – Anthony Rendon

#7 Anthony Rendon Washington Nationals DOB: 6/6/1990 Pre-2011 Rank: N/A ETA: 2013 Rendon was our top guy going into the 2011 draft, injured or not.  This kind of bat is not common.  It might be draftable every five years or so, and it very rarely if ever can play a premium defensive position, let alone […]

A More Positive Way to View Steroid Abuse within Baseball

This week Ryan Braun accepted the National League MVP award amidst perhaps more controversy than has ever before been associated with a postseason award.  Quite obviously Braun has let down a great deal of people if he is indeed proven guilty of knowingly abusing illicit drugs to enhance his performance on the field.  While there […]

Top 50 Prospects: #8 – Trevor Bauer

#8 Trevor Bauer Arizona Diamondbacks DOB: 1/17/1991 Previous Rank: N/A ETA: 2012 The Sombrero considered Trevor Bauer the No. 3 prospect going into the 2011 draft, exactly where he was selected.  Granted, we had Rendon at No. 1 and Bundy at No. 2, and both were selected after Bauer, but we still anticipated Bauer being […]

Top 50 Prospects: #9 – Manny Machado

#9 Manny Machado Baltimore Orioles DOB: 7/6/1992 Previous Rank: 23 ETA: 2014 Machado is the top middle infield prospect in the Minors today, unless we are counting Anthony Rendon.  The Florida-native failed at the plate upon a promotion to the Carolina League, but he torched the Sally League, posting an .859 OPS and walking nearly […]

Top 50 Prospects: #10 – Jesus Montero

#10 Jesus Montero Seattle Mariners DOB: 11/28/1989 Previous Rank: 7 ETA: 2011 As the centerpiece of the deal that sent Michael Pineda, a power arm in his early 20s that has already been named to an All-Star team, Montero obviously has earned himself quite a reputation already.  This trade is further evidence of the reevaluation […]

Top 50 Prospects: #11 – Danny Hultzen

#11 Danny Hultzen Seattle Mariners DOB: 11/28/1989 Previous Rank: N/A ETA: 2012 Hultzen is the best pitcher in the history of the Virginia Cavaliers and was drafted second overall in the 2011 draft in what will go down as the deepest draft in history as far as collegiate pitching goes.  His first taste of professional […]

Top 50 Prospects: #12 – Jameson Taillon

#12 Jameson Taillon Pittsburgh Pirates DOB: 11/18/1991 Previous Rank: 14 ETA: 2014 The Pirates insist on babying Taillon, who some thought actually was the top player available in the 2010 draft even ahead of Bryce Harper.  Regardless of who was better, what is certain is that Taillon was the best pitching prospect in his class, […]

Top 50 Prospects: # 13 – Jurickson Profar

#13 Jurickson Profar Texas Rangers DOB: 2/20/1993 Previous Rank: N/R ETA: 2013 As an 18-year-old in the Sally League, Profar very nearly slashed .290/.390/.500 as an elite fielding shortstop, earning him the SAL MVP.  Holy shit.  He’s really, really good and has so much more to gain before he actually arrives in Arlington.  An aggressive […]

Top 50 Prospects: #14 – Jacob Turner

#14 Jacob Turner Detroit Tigers DOB: 5/21/1991 Previous Rank: 19 ETA: 2012 Spending most of his 2011 season in the Eastern League, Turner became the first prep pitcher from the 2009 draft to debut in the Big Leagues.  He’s 6-foot-5 and 210-pounds and has solid mechanics that produce good downward plane on his pitches. His […]

Today’s Prospect Landscape: Hitters vs. Pitchers

When a reader of The Sombrero commented on our write-up of Bubba Starling, it became apparent that implicit within our rankings, we were making a claim regarding the entire prospect landscape.  After a little reflection about how we could both be somewhat down on Starling and also rank him as high as we did, it […]

Top 50 Prospects: # 15 – Jarrod Parker

#15 Jarrod Parker Oakland Athletics DOB: 11/24/1988 Previous Rank: 8 ETA: 2011 Parker missed 2010 due to Tommy John, and it took him several months of 2011 to really begin to look like he did before the surgery.  Still, his second-half and track record prior to TJ were enough to sway Billy Beane to pull […]

Top 50 Prospects: #16 – Bubba Starling

#17 Bubba Starling Kansas City Royals DOB: 8/3/1992 Previous Rank: N/A ETA: 2014 Starling was the top prep position player available in the 2011 draft.  His tools were the finest in the 2011 class for any position player, though.  He’s blazing fast, throws gas from the outfield, generates outstanding bat speed, and has a frame […]

Top 50 Prospects: #17- Devin Mesoraco

#17 Devin Mesoraco Cincinnati Reds DOB: 6/19/1988 Previous Rank: 27 ETA: 2011 It’s hard to believe that a guy like Yasmani Grandal could somehow become dispensable (not to mention Yonder Alonso), but that is exactly what happened when the Reds sent both guys to San Diego for Mat Latos.  The primary reasons that deal makes sense […]

Top 50 Prospects: #18 – Tyler Skaggs

#18 Tyler Skaggs Arizona Diamondbacks DOB: 7/13/1991 Previous Rank: N/R ETA: 2012 Skaggs really has nothing left to prove in the Minors in our opinion, even though he has never thrown a Triple-A pitch.  His 10 starts in the Southern League were as convincing as any collected by any southpaw not named Matt Moore this […]

Top 50 Prospects: #19 – Anthony Rizzo

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