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Articles from June 2012

The Many (Hideous) Faces of Jameson Taillon

Jameson Taillon: Pirates’ pitching prospect; looks as though he’s always trying to pass a long overdue bowl movement.

Don’t believe me? Well, see for yourself:

It began in high school…

A night after eating his weight at P.F. Chang’s…

Fighting a pre-pitch eruption…

About to give birth…

To twins…

Prior to a DL stint for torn UCL, asshole…

A face so hideous it had to be captured on a baseball card…

MLB Look-alikes: Johnny Narron and Corbin Bernsen

Following the news that Casey Affleck will write and produce a film based upon Josh Hamilton’s life story, I received an email highlighting a look-alike too good not to post. So, The Golden Sombrero presents MLB Look-alikes: Johnny Narron and Corbin Bernsen:

I wonder if Cole Hauser will be casted to play Hamilton…

As always, I welcome any and all submissions via Twitter and email.

Coach Phelps Philos

A collection of ramblings, concerning themselves with baseball philosophy.

 On Sacrifice Bunting

  “Who the hell went on playing college ball and ever thanked their sac bunt skills?  Playing for one run late…I can give you that.  Any other time?  Swing the f#*@!&g bat!”

On Bunting for a Base Hit

“It takes a guy with balls to fully embrace bunting for a base hit.  It’s sneaky, and in an odd way almost scandalous when executed perfectly.  If you got the speed to match the balls, I can watch a guy do that to a team all day.”

On Base Running

“Now that’s how you can really piss people off.  Not just make them angry, but absolutely infuriate them.  Stealing bases.  Going first to third on everything.  Taking two on the slightest misplayed ball by an outfielder.  That shit rattles every club.  Take it to a team on the bases and watch them eventually crumble under the pressure of trying to stop a well-oiled, running machine let loose on the base baths.”

On Hitting for Average

“Look at it this way.  What’s more important to track, in regards to producing base runners, and ultimately runners scored?  How they advanced to first in one specific way, or in a variety of four different ways?  I’ll take on-base% all day.  I don’t care how you get there – just *&$%#!@ get there.”

On Hitting for Power

“I like to see guys who can hit scoreboards and break them with a single swing of the bat.  That’s what I call, hitting for power… outages.”

On Elephant Jokes

“Greatest.  Jokes.  Ever.  Seriously, if you can string three or four together and finish with a killer punch-line, I’m not sure there’s a better joke out there.  Priceless humor.  Thanks for those, Pops.”

On Wood Bats vs. Aluminum Bats

“Woody all day, fool.  It might just be the pitcher in me, but a wood bat game is how the big boys play the game.  BB Core or not, aluminum is just a cheaper version of wood bat baseball.”

On Double Plays

“A ground ball, two ball, is one of life’s little beauties.  There’s nothing better than watching three infielders, turn two outs, in a single swing.  Then put it all under some pressure- a ball in the hole let’s say- and you have a gem.”

On Boomsticking

“Boomsticking is that “get the f*@K off me” power.  Adam DunnRyan BraunJose BautistaGiancarlo Stanton.  These guys go boomsticking every at-bat, of every game.  They carry boomsticks, not bats.  Balls simply don’t just come off the wood, they explode like firecrackers.  It’s a dazzling spectacle of human strength and ability.”

On the Key Ingredient

“Playing for keeps every time.  Play scared, you gon be scared, son.  Ya feel me?  If you’re not gonna play for keeps, then what’s the f&@%*#g point, right?”


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