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The Golden Sombrero’s Top 50 Prospects: #6 – Eric Hosmer (Video)

#6 Eric Hosmer – Kansas City Royals


DOB: 10-24-89

ETA: 2012

Hosmer made it very easy to forget his less-than-stellar 2009 with the monster 2010 he had in which he posted a .338/.406/.571 slash line across two stops including around 200 AB’s in the Texas League (Double-A).  For a 20-year-old, those are the kind of numbers fans dream of, and with a 6-foot-4, 230-pound frame, as well as one of the sweetest left-handed swings in the game today, we see very little not to love about this guy.

The Miami native played for one of the premier high schools in the United States in American Heritage as well as both the Florida Bombers and Midland Redskins clubs as an amateur before being selected third overall by the Royals in 2008.  He signed for $6 million at the eleventh hour as a Scott Boras client and led many around baseball to wonder if he was going to hold out and reenter the draft in 2009.  He eventually got his money, and the dollars are looking right nowadays with Hosmer set to take over the first base role at Kauffman by 2012.

With Hosmer we conclude the Kansas City Royals Show that has become The Golden Sombrero’s Top-50.  Earlier a post was made on our discussion board that suggested that referring to the Royals as baseball’s top organization is ludicrous.  We don’t see it that way here.  The professional game is endlessly-vast, and success can mean many things from winning championships to turning a profit to developing talent or even drafting/signing well.  While the Royals have not had much success at the Big League level recently, they have gotten cheaper, developed players, drafted well, signed their drafted players, and rejuvenated the yard.  Fans in Kansas City have a lot to be proud of and excited for.  It will be very refreshing for baseball to return to that city.  They are baseball’s top organization this year in my opinion.


  1. Harris says:

    Everything he learned, he learned from Gary Kahn. Hosmer actually signed for 6 million + $50, Gary took the $50 and bought 5 Euro-psy-pop CDs off iTunes.

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