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April 27, 2010


So this blog has existed for around a month now.  We have almost 30 pieces written by six different bloggers from various corners of this country and London.  I personally view the blog as quite the successful project even though it is only in its infancy.  Arlo(Mike), the mastermind of the operation, has done an exceptional job creating the layout and design of the blog, and I personally think it is a real joy to read.  Most of all, however, the blog represents to me a way that I can express my ideas on the game to my friends as well as a way that they can convey their thoughts on the game to me.  Since we can’t physically be in the same place all that often…I did get to see Towel(Justin) last weekend and will see Griff this coming one…this is a pretty awesome way to maintain the conversations that were started years ago in the dugout or around a television or on a bus.  Griff and I have been having this same conversation for almost 20 years now.  His new project on Ricketts truly hits me in the heart because everything he says about that yard is the way I and every other San Juan County player feels.

I love talking about baseball.  Every single day at school I talk baseball with people who neither are interested in nor truly competent of the game.  I still ramble off information during lectures to my neighbors that they likely deem distracting, disruptive, and useless.  All the while, up until a month ago, I was thinking to myself, “It sure would be nice to have a medium that would allow me to communicate my thoughts on the game with someone who may actually be interested.”  Who better than my old homies?  This blog allows me to talk the game with people I love who I know want to hear what I am thinking.  Thanks, dudes.  I love reading all your stuff too.  It was a very pleasant surprise to see Rickathee’s(Rick) name on a post, and we are all really glad you are onboard.  I think your upcoming pieces should be really fun.  The first one sure was.

So, let’s expand.  My guess is that most of the folks reading this blog are our old buddies.  If you are reading this, write something down.  Put your name on it.  Send it to Arlo.  Let’s get this conversation bigger and better.  I can think of a handful of dudes right now who have tons of cool and creative ideas on the game.  Let’s hear them.  Bloggers, let’s have another great month.

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