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The Golden Sombrero’s Top 50 Prospects: #29 – Brett Lawrie (Video)

#29 Brett Lawrie – Toronto Blue Jays


DOB: 1-18-90

ETA: 2012


Fantasy Outlook: Paul Konerko vs. Player B

Everyone has a vice.  If you’re like me, you have multiple vices.  My favorite vice, fantasy baseball, is right around the corner, so I just couldn’t help but look for some interesting angle to write on in January.  Analysis of off-season moves are done by, well everyone.  Rankings and season previews are more of a spring-training time piece.  Writing about the shittiness of any one of my Houston Astros’ players value (except Mr. Bourn and WayRod, duh) is pointless for so many reasons.  So what does that really leave a guy with in January?  How about a little head-to-head action…by position.  I’m not talking about looking at the top guys at each position, but rather the guys in those second – possibly third if you’re in a deep league – tier guys that can really make or break your draft and season.  Over the next week and a half, I will be releasing a new position each day.  I will take a look at a couple of guys from each position and see how they match up versus their higher drafted counterparts.  As per usual, any ideas, thoughts, or beliefs (both supporting and opposing) are welcomed.

First base is a rather deep position this year with Joey Votto emerging as the hitter many have seen coming, Adrian Gonzalez getting to trade Petco for Fenway, Prince Fielder heading into free agency after the season (I’m a sucker for a guy playing for a new, mega-sized contract), as well as your standards like Ryan Howard, Miguel Cabrera, and Mark Teixeira.  If you are not fortunate enough to secure one of those guys, then whom do you take a flier on?


The Golden Sombrero’s Top 50 Prospects Recap: #30 – #40

Shortly after the turn of the New Year, we began unveiling our Top 50 Prospects for the 2011 season.  The list is the product of hours of deliberation between Dee and myself, and is far from your average, cookie-cutter top prospect list.

Our rankings are based on a number of criteria such as ceiling, refinement, age, level, performance, and health thus far.  Positional scarcity and chances to stay at a premium position in the Major Leagues carries some weight too, but is a lesser component. No pitcher rankings are based off of potential as relievers because no top arm ends up in the bullpen unless the front office decides to lose its mind.

In case you have missed any player on our list, here is a recap of 30-40:


The Golden Sombrero’s Top 50 Prospects: #30 – Lonnie Chisenhall (Video)

# 30 Lonnie Chisenhall – Cleveland Indians


DOB: 10-4-88

ETA: 2012


The Baseball Show: Damon & Manny, Vernon Wells, KC Royals, Owings, Harper, Trout and more…

Today on The Baseball Show, co-host Clint Evans of Diamond Hoggers and I discuss recent trades and headlines across baseball, and even seamlessly weave in a Brooks Kieschnick reference.  The Mike Napoli trade gives us a reason to remember Frank Francisco hurling a chair into a dude’s face at the Oakland Coliseum.  I guess a picture really does say a thousand words in certain situations. You know, those situations when you’re a Major League bullpen pitcher and a fight (with fans) breaks out, calms down, and you decide to start tossing chairs at helpless spectators. More relevant topics discussed on today’s show: