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The Golden Sombrero’s Top 50 Prospects: #7 – Jesus Montero (Video)

#7 Jesus Montero – New York Yankees


DOB: 11-28-89

ETA: 2011

Considering Montero’s organization, and the joke that Jorge Posada’s defense has become, one would have thought the Yankees would have brought up the 20-year-old stud in 2010 to take over the backstop duties in NYC after he mashed his way to a .289/.353/.517 slash line at Triple-A.  Wrong.  Montero’s defense is so sloppy and unathletic that somehow Posada was seen as a safer option.  We at the Sombrero find that kind of decision-making, as well as a lot of other nonsense coming from the Yanks front office recently, as the absolute wrong decision, but it does lead people to wonder…

Will Montero ever develop into a serviceable, replacement-level option behind the plate, or will he be relegated to a DH role in his early 20s?  Well, 235-pounds is probably a good place to start for the young Yank.  He needs to slim down considerably to lighten his feet to block and throw, both necessary components to catching in the speedy AL East.  With newly acquired Russell Martin expected to handle the bulk of the catching duties in New York, and Posada expected to DH primarily, will the Yankees – who now find themselves fighting for every W with Boston and Tampa as well as the improved Orioles and intriguing Canadians – use Montero as the second catcher or start him at Triple-A?  They have two other excellent catchers in Gary Sanchez and Austin Romine on the farm, and with the Cardinals now clinging to life in the NL Central, did Jesus Montero just become trade bait?  Yeah, we think so.

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