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Top 50 Prospects: #16 – Bubba Starling

#17 Bubba Starling

Kansas City Royals

DOB: 8/3/1992

Previous Rank: N/A

ETA: 2014

Starling was the top prep position player available in the 2011 draft.  His tools were the finest in the 2011 class for any position player, though.  He’s blazing fast, throws gas from the outfield, generates outstanding bat speed, and has a frame that projects both in terms of potential and the likelihood of a healthy career.  As far as we at The Sombrero are concerned, however, that is where the compliments end.

Starling is loaded with shit makeup, a lack of familiarity with the game, and poor fundamentals in terms of both mechanics and comprehension.  He signed late too, and basically missed half a season unnecessarily, suggesting that baseball is not a terribly high priority for him.  You’d think a guy who wasted as much time fooling around with a football as Starling did would want to get started early to attempt to maybe even the playing field between himself and the guys who have lived within the game for the last 10 or 15 years.

Starling then proceeded to receive an underage drinking charge.  Don’t look for this guy to ever have much in the way of baseball IQ.  Expect insane tools and athleticism, the type that guys like Starling don’t deserve.  He should spend a season and a half or two in the low Minors and about the same amount in Double-A and Triple-A.  Look for him to debut in center some time in 2014.  KC is really going to regret passing on Archie Bradley.

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