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Mark Buehrle discusses retirement after 2011 season

According to the Chicago Tribune’s Mark Gonzales, Chicago White Sox starting pitcher Mark Buehrle could be leaning towards retirement when his contract expires after the 2011 season.

“But when next year gets here and knowing you’re going to walking away from the game, knowing if I have something left or not, I have to hope that first of all, I’m healthy,” Buehrle said Wednesday. “And second, someone wants to sign me. Obviously, it’s a plus if that is. And obviously it’s going to be harder to make a decision.

“As I sit here now, I’d love to just go home and be with the family and kids and go from there. But when next year gets here, at this time, it could be a tough decision, knowing this is all you’ve known for 15 years of your life and constantly having to be somewhere, to go somewhere. And all of a sudden you have nothing to do. It’s going to be a tough decision.”


Paul Konerko: one of the most respected players in the game

“You play for your teammates’ and your staff’s respect.  I definitely care about the guys inside this clubhouse, what they think. Not too much beyond that. It’s nice, I guess, if people have that, but at the same time I think I know who’s important to me and hopefully I gain those people. If not, you work to get that.” – Paul Konerko

It is the statements like the one above that have made Paul Konerko such a vastly respected player, teammate and individual throughout his 13-year career in Major League Baseball.  It seems that there cannot be enough great things said about the Chicago White Sox first baseman who, in an era rich with egotistical baseball players, has remained admirably humble.

To highlight Konerko’s influence on both his organization and the game itself, here are a collection of quotes from his coaches, teammates and other players around the league.


Jay Bruce: The Man, The Myth, The Legend (Video)

Congratulations to Jay Bruce and the Cincinnati Reds for clinching the 2010 National League Central in a most dramatic fashion. Tied at 2-2 against the Houston Astros, Bruce lead off the bottom of the 9th and wasted no time, depositing the first pitch from reliever Tim Byrdak over the centerfield fence. Here are the videos of Bruce’s historic homerun and the Reds locker room celebration:


Mike Lowell Redefines “The Ugly Finder” (Video)

In baseball, one of my all-time favorite expressions has always been, “the ugly finder.” When someone ripped a foul ball into the opposing team’s dugout, it was “the ugly finder;” an expression that is a true testament to both the hilariousness and competitiveness of baseball players.

During last Friday’s game against the Yankees, the Red Sox Mike Lowell redefined the term “ugly finder,” after receiving one of the worst hops that I have witnessed on a baseball field.


Check out for all things Cincinnati Reds

With the Reds just a lone win away from clinching the National League Central, every pitch thrown in tonight’s game against the Astros has had a postseason feel to it.  The 30,000+ in attendance at the Great American Ball Park are buzzing from the anticipation of the Reds returning to the postseason for the first time in 15 years.  For passionate Reds’ fans like the Somebrero’s good friend Clint–from–tonight’s game carries an extra significance.

Here is what he posted today on his blog: