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The Golden Sombrero’s Top 50 Prospects: #47 – Jose Iglesias

#47 Jose Iglesias – Boston Red Sox


DOB: 1-5-90

ETA: 2012

As a 20-year old in Double-A, the slick-fielding Jose Iglesias posted a .285/.315/.357 slash line.  While those numbers sound soft, his $6.25 million signing bonus is more than twice the next largest bonus the Sox have ever dished out.  After the club completed the swap with the San Diego Padres for Adrian Gonzalez this winter, Iglesias became the organization’s top prospect and further hints at the enormous movement within the game to play quality defenders up the middle, regardless of whether they choose to bring wood or wet towels to the plate.  Nevertheless, the Cuban shortstop has age, athleticism, and a great deal of the club’s money on his side and should be the starting shortstop at Fenway within the next couple of seasons, especially since they will be the best offensive club in the game at that time regardless of who plays short.

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