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“Eat-A” Promoted to Assistant of Baseball Operations

A few months ago we posted about our good friend, Sam Eaton (known to us as “Eat-a”; pronounced EET-uh), and his job within the Arizona Diamondbacks’ front office. Last week Eat-a was promoted. He now is the Assistant to Baseball Operations. Quite clearly in our opinion Kevin Towers is running the best front office in baseball out there in Phoenix with talents like Eat-a being recognized and rewarded so appropriately. We fully expect them back in the World Series very soon.

Congratulations, dude! We’re really proud of you and know you’re going to continue to excel in your new role. Maybe see if you can’t get them to send you to scout Matt Purke some Friday evening this spring. I will meet you out in Fort Worth after school. Lots of love from the Sombrero, man.


  1. Sen. Towel says:

    Congrats, Eat-A!

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