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The Golden Sombrero’s Top 50 Prospects: #4 – Jeremy Hellickson (Video)

#4 Jeremy Hellickson – Tampa Bay Rays


DOB: 4-8-1987

ETA: 2011

With Hellickson we reach the top of the pitching prospects.  Nothing about Hellickson is a secret anymore considering the success he had in 10 appearances with the Rays in 2010.  He posted a 2.45 ERA in 117.2 IP in Durham while striking out 123 and only walking 35.  He allowed just 5 HR and has nothing left to prove in MiLB.  He should slide nicely into the rotation spot vacated by Matt Garza, who was traded to the Cubs this past winter.  Considering his success in 2010 as well as his chance at three above-average to plus pitches, Hellickson profiles as at least a #3 in Tampa.

There may not be a lot to dream on with Hellickson; he has typically been regarded as a guy who constantly out-pitched his potential. But getting outs from a #3 in the AL East is a very impressive thing to produce internally without paying monster dollars for it.  Hellickson’s fatsball works anywhere from 90 to 94 mph, but has been gunned a tick or two higher.  His curveball grades from a 50-60, but his command of the pitch allows it to typically grade on the higher end of that range.  His changeup is a plus pitch with a chance at double plus in the next few years.  It fades late and is commanded impeccably.

Hellickson’s polish and build make it difficult to coax much more projection out of him, but scouts have constantly been wrong about the guy.  Therefore, my guess is that his fastball has a chance at a mph more, his breaker will be a 60, and his changeup will be a 70, meaning that he will be an All-Star in the occasional season.  Tampa knows how to raise their players.

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  1. julia says:

    i have a feeling he will be great for my fantasy team this year…
    regardless, he definitely makes it a better looking team. WHATUP