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World Series Thoughts and Predictions

With the Fall Classic kicking off tonight, I felt compelled to make my predictions for this exciting World Series. Let me start off by saying that I am rooting for Texas. For starters, as an Astros diehard I would not be able to look myself in the mirror if I rooted for those bastards from the Midwest. Iʼve been raised better than that. Secondly, being from Texas has always allowed me to have a reason to root for an American League team, so long as they were not actually playing my beloved Astros. That appears to be changing though. With news last week of new ownership taking over (finally) and Houston headed for the AL West, this may be my last chance to cheer for the other team from Texas. Unless something drastic happens they will become my new division rival (read: mortal enemy). On the other hand, the Cards will begin fading away as an enemy in my mind. Now I will be able to cheer out loud for Albert Pujols and not have to feel guilty about it. I can watch Lance Berkman and not resent his resurgence, because it will not be at the cost of my team. It seems almost fitting then, that this final series of baseball for 2011 pits my arch nemesis from the past against the arch nemesis of my future. Or, maybe I am just grabbing at air as I try to ascend from the endless abyss known as Astros fandom.

For my predictions:

Rangers win in 7

Josh Hamilton wins MVP with 7 homeruns, including 2 in Game 7.

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  1. Brendan anderson says:

    mr. phelps guess what your wrong cardinals winners don’t feel bad for the rangers at all looking forward to back to back world series wins and rangers 3rd loss in a row in the world series and guess who is the new yankees the STLOUIS CARDINALS WORD BASEBAll SUPERPOWER and the team from midwest u called a mean name is my team and i will defend them nit to be rude hhahahahahhahahhahahahhaha astros i feel bad for them though they have no minor league farm teams that are worth anything so thanku and goodnight