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World Series Links: Looking back at various St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers posts

Last July, as I reviewed the best commercials across Major League Baseball, I took a look at the St. Louis Cardinals’ team commercials

After Tony La Russa was re-signed prior to the 2011 season, Ryan wrote an article called, “La Russa is back! Bring in the geezers!” where he scrutinized TLR’s tendency to employ aging infielders.

Several of the Rangers’ players made an appearance in our beloved MLB Look-alikes series:

–       David Murphy and Allan Ruck (link)

–       Josh Hamilton and Cole Hauser (link)

–       Ian Kinsler and Efraim E. Diveroli (link)

–       Ron Washington & Lil’ Ron Washington (link)

Shortly after the Cardinals signed Nick Punto in January, I also examined TLR’s affinity for pocket-sized infielders.

As both Spring Training and the Albert Pujols negotiations reached an end this past spring, Justin argued that Pujols’ impending free agency was bad for baseball.

On the contrary, Griff contended that Pujols’ free agency was good for baseball

Ryan detailed some of Tim McCarver’s (who he deems to be baseball’s worst announcer) finest facepalm moments from World Series past.

I posted the video of the worst commercial of all-time, courtesy of the super-awkward TLR.

We captured Rob on TV during Game 1 of the World Series, right next to David Freese

Just the other day prior to Game 3 in Arlington, I wrote that Allen Craig would torch the Rangers’ left-handed starters, and he made me look like a genius by launching a home run in his first at-bat against Matt Harrison.  Thanks, Allen.

Back when it was still relevant, I explored the significance behind the Rangers’ claws and antlers.


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