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Please Make it Stop: MLB on TBS Postseason Commercials

2007, Dane Cook

Dane Cook. Damn, I sure don’t miss that guy and I definitely don’t miss his postseason commercials.  He was exactly what we didn’t want in our face on a nightly basis during every pitching change and half inning.  I would hope that Cook was actually ninth or tenth on the studio’s list, but was ultimately selected by default after everyone before him wisely declined. TBS basically auto-drafted Dane Cook.

2008, Bon Jovi – We Love This Town 

I think the only person who enjoyed the 2008 commercials was Dee, but only because he used to gush about his obsession with Jon Bon Jovi’s hair.  True story.  It’s probably worth your time to fast forward to the 0:42 sec mark for a Jermaine Dye sighting.  See, I told you he wasn’t extinct.

2009, Bon Jovi – We Weren’t Born to Follow 

Two years in a row, TBS? That’s Jovi-overload, or as I like to call it, Joverload. Anyway, take everything I said about Dane Cook and apply it to Bon Jovi. Sorry, Dee.

2010, Kid Rock – Born Free 

After Dane Cook and a double-dose of Bon Jovi, I guess the next logical replacement really is Kid Rock.  Maroon 5 might also qualify now that I think about it

2011, Tinie Tempah – Written in the Stars

Honestly, this makes me feel as though I took Dane Cook and Bon Jovi for granted.  It almost negates all the excitement that comes with two game-fives on the same night.  Ok not really, but you get my point. Worst. Song. Ever.



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