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The Nick Punto Small Fry Club

On Friday afternoon the St. Louis Cardinals signed infielder Nick Punto to a one-year deal worth approximately $700K.  Punto, who can play both middle infield positions as well as third base, will likely serve as the backup for Ryan Theriot and Skip Schumaker. However, knowing Tony La Russa’s affinity for “gamers,” I’m sure that he will receive far too many starts.

The Cardinals’ middle infield now consists of three players who are under 6-feet tall and coming off seasons in which each posted less than a 1.0 WAR.  In 2010, Theriot, Schumaker, and Punto hit a combined .262 (1,314 ABs) with eight home runs and 91 RBI.  After Albert Pujols, Schumaker is considered to be the Cardinals’ second-most productive infielder headed into the upcoming season.  I know, frightening.

At this point, it’s obvious that Tony will never understand that having a slew of pint-sized infielders doesn’t quite equate to one, above average infielder. He might as well bring back David Eckstein and Ronnie Belliard – both of whom are still free agents – in an effort to solidify the shortest infield in baseball history.

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