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Tony LaRussa in “The Most Awkward Commercial of All-Time”

Considering that I live in St. Louis, I have the opportunity to watch every locally televised Cardinals game, which, as you will see, is both a good and bad thing.  While I admittedly find Al Hrabosky and Dan McLaughlin’s drunken diatribes to be occasionally entertaining (notice that I didn’t say enlightening), it’s the cheap, thoughtless commercials like the one below that make watching the broadcast worthwhile.

So, without further ado, here is quite possibly the most pathetic local commercial ever created, starring Cardinals skipper, Tony LaRussa.  Bite your lip, because it’s pretty rough.

A few thoughts and notes on this 15-second masterpiece:

– How does organizing a shoot like this happen? You can’t script something this brutal.

– Shame on the Cardinals for allowing this commercial to happen, let alone reach the air. Someone needs to lose their job, in addition to TLR, obviously.

– Wow…Martin Short’s career has really gone downhill. This is somehow even worse than Primetime with Jimmy Glick.

– I like how the re-enactment of a game-like situation is even complete with a TLR unenthused reaction.

– Shame on the person who talked Tony out of wearing the matching jean jacket.

– Who the hell would allow that weasely little guy in the dugout? Furthermore, could they have at least instructed him to eat an authentic ballpark food? Seriously, the guy’s eating


– Is this before or after TLR’s bout of casserole eye?

– I’d hope that the Vinson Mortgage Group client base has dwindled since this first aired.  But considering how many (dumb) people love Tony in St. Louis, he’s probably making bank.

– You’re only cheating yourself by pretending you haven’t watched it multiple times.

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  1. Even though I am in Omaha, I watch all Cardinal games–most of which include Al and Dan (both of whom I like very much)so I disagree with your negative comments regarding them (and I have yet to see any evidence that either of these gentlemen were in a state of drunkeness so I suspect that your comment there was just for the purpose of producing laughs). Having said that, I’ve seen that comercial (I think there are at least two with TLR and that little worm from the mortage company) dozens of times and found myself embarassed for TLR. I presumed Tony was forced into making those spots by the Cardinal organization because I can’t believe he chose to do these on his own, but, perhaps, I’m just not tuned in enough to these types of things. Frankly, it is really painful to watch a future Hall of Fame Manager degrade himself by hawking any product much less in the Cardinal dugout.