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Photo: Rob and David Freese on National TV

I awoke this morning to find an email from the Sombrero’s Robbie Unsell, who despite being in the middle of a crucial semester of veterinary school, flew home from London in order to watch his beloved Cardinals in the World Series.  Attached to his email was the above photo and a suggestion to “look to the right of David Freese.”  After scouring the crowd I found this (which has been cropped and zoomed):

That’s Rob to the right of Freese, gripping his white rally towel in a state of drunken, sexual euphoria.


  1. Sen. Towel says:

    So glad Bob didn’t grab me like that in the three years we were living together.

  2. Pooru says:

    Bob knows the difference between a rally towel and a Towel Towel.

  3. Jim Malewitz says:

    And then there’s the rally Towel Towel, which has sparked a beer die win or two.