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The Texas Rangers and their “claws” and “antlers”

On any given baseball team there are endless off the field, inside jokes that permeate the clubhouse and in the end, define the team.  More often than not, the humor is completely spontaneous, childish and crude.  And it has to be.  With 162+ games in a season, it is foregone conclusion that every team will experience ups and downs.

The inside jokes and endless ragging on teammates are what keep a team optimistic  –yes, I know that actually having good players goes a long way, as well– in their darkest hour.  Similarly, when a team is winning and feeling good, the jokes are always more hilarious and enjoyable than they already are.  Every couple of years, there is a team whose jokes gradually become indicative of the team chemistry and synonymous with the overall success of the season.  And it is then that we truly see just how much being a part of that team means to the players.

This season, the Texas Rangers have had their clubhouse humor on full display in the form of the claw and antlers.  And considering that they are headed to the American League Championship Series for the first time in the organization’s history, it’s time that baseball fans familiarized themselves with the gestures and their meaning.

From William Wilkerson of the Star-Telegram,

Should a Texas player do something positive offensively he’ll acknowledge his feat with a “claw,” fingers slightly curled with his arm extended in a rising swoop. The “antlers” — hold both hands open above the ears to imitate a deer — come about after something speed-related.



“There is nothing like when something like this happens naturally,” Rangers CEO Chuck Greenberg said when asked about the claw and antlers. “The fact that this came from the players, the fans adopted it, and it wasn’t a bunch of marketing people sitting around coming up with the idea. It happened on its own and it’s the best thing going.”

Well said, Chuck. Well said.

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