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The Best Baseball Commercials, Part 3: St. Louis Cardinals

Every time I attempt to consolidate a specific amount of videos for an article within this series, I am divided over which videos are worthy of the cut. In my opinion, there simply isn’t a bad baseball commercial out there; each video is hilarious or unique for some reason or another. Over the past decade, the emergence of team commercials have provided baseball fans with an opportunity to get to know some of their favorite players, on their favorite teams. For as much pride as these players’ possess in playing for their team, it seems that they possess an equal amount of pride representing their team through these commercials.

This notion seems especially true in the case of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Without a doubt, the Cardinals have had the best, most creative, commercials over the past couple years. Each commercial has given fans an opportunity to associate a unique personality with a variety of players. However, the most enjoyable aspect of these commercials comes from knowing that major league baseball players are just as goofy and ridiculous as the writers for the Sombrero.

Can you imagine if we had a chance to make these types of commercials in our playing days at Grinnell? It might have been a little too much fun…

Anyways, here are the 10 best St. Louis Cardinals commercials:


New Sheriff


Baseball Cards

Practice and Training

Yadier Molina

Finger Lickin’ and Rocket

Hats and Heat

Beards and Pujols


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