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The Best Baseball Commercials, Part 6: Giants Closer Brian Wilson/B-Weezy

Even though none of these videos are actually commercials, they are just as entertaining thanks to the hilarious antics and personality of San Francisco Giants’ closer, Brian Wilson.  If you know nothing about the flame-throwing right-hander, there is a lot to take in.  Wilson dresses like a rock star, acts like a rock star, is continually sarcastic, is a self-proclaimed genius, has the best mohawk in baseball, and is rarely serious.  Just like when he takes the mound, Wilson wants to be the center of attention at all times: he is incredibly entertaining with his electric fastball, devastating slider and post game celebration.  Additionally, it’s quite possible that he was put on this planet for the sake of providing the most comical sound bites.

On Wednesday, Major League Baseball fined Wilson $1,000 for wearing the loud, orange cleats that he first displayed in the All-Star Game.  They stated that his cleats could only be 50% orange, as opposed to the 100% that he was currently sporting.  How did he respond?  Wilson simply used a sharpie to fill in some of the areas of his spikes to make them more presentable.  Even though some of these videos are rather lengthy(some checking in at around 10 minutes), they are worth every second.  Here is a combination of his self-shot videos on YouTube that have been dubbed “Life of Brian”, and his interviews with Chris Rose on The Cheap Seats:

Life of Brian: Episode 4 Sneak Peek

Life of Brian: 5 Things You Might Not Know About Brian Wilson

The Cheap Seats

Brain Wilson’s Post- White House Interview:

The Cheap Seats

Life of Brian: Brian Wilson Tries Room Service

The Cheap Seats

Life of Brian: Ask B-Weez:

The Cheap Seats:

And of course, his world-famous interview with Jim Rome on “Rome is Burning:”


  1. Weird! I seriously had this in my queue of kicker posts… But you did it first and well done! I love that guy and this is now his shrine…

    Good work!

  2. Chris says:

    It’s not self shot videos for youtube, they are clips from the show “Life of Brian” aired by Comcast for a season 2 or 3 years back

  3. oh I didn’t even read it I just saw the onslaught of videos… lol, yeah those were definitely aired on CSN not home vids

  4. Mike Rosenbaum says:

    Can either of you guys track down the link to the full episodes of “Life of Brian?” My best searches have yielded nothing new- perhaps you guys might know where to look?

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