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The Best Baseball Commercials, Part 8: Chicago White Sox

After taking a break from my “Best Baseball Commercials” series, I have decided that now is the perfect time to stage a comeback with Part 8, the Chicago White Sox.  After watching my boys do some work this past week, sweeping two crucial road series against Cleveland and Boston, I feel that it is necessary to post the best White Sox commercials both as a sign of my support, as well as with the hope that it keeps them rolling.

After beating the Tigers 5-4 in 10 innings on Monday afternoon, the surging White Sox have now won 7 in a row, all on the road.  As the series with the Minnesota Twins on September 14-16 edges a little closer every day, there’s really only one thing that must be said:

In the words of Hawk Harrelson, “Don’t stop now, boys!”

Carlos Quentin’s Swing:

[hdplay id=10 ]

The Sodfather:

[hdplay id=11 ]


[hdplay id=12 ]

Thome’s HR:

[hdplay id=13 ]

Is there anybody who can find the White Sox team commercials from the ‘90s?  In particular, I have endlessly searched for a commercial featuring Julio Franco, in which he is standing next to a gramophone, singing a song in which baseball terms are the only lyrics.  It is kind of like, “the double-play…….the RBI……”

Come on White Sox fans, help me out!

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  1. aL says:

    Yes that Julio Franco commercial was an “instant classic” I have been unable to find it but many board like this confirm the greatness of the ad and the era in white sox baseball.