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I’m No Dope, I’ve Got Adderall

While professional athletes ditching gold digging trophy wives is no novel concept, the recent divorce proceedings of Kansas City Royals catcher Jason Kendall and his estranged wife Chantel have remained frequent fodder for internet gossip sites like TMZ and RadarOnline and even recently made the jump to websites not concerned with the latest atrocious parenting of Jon and Kate Gosselin. While this could have something to do with steamy particulars involving the love triangle of a pro athlete, a smokin’ hot babe and the son of a rock-n-roll legend (Chantel is currently dating Sean Stewart, son of Rod Stewart), the focus of the tittle-tattle so far has been Chantel accusing her husband of abusing the drug Adderall, which subsequently led to him both physically and emotionally abusing her.

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