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The Best Baseball Commercials, Part 4: Seattle Mariners

Part 4 of my series is dedicated to the Seattle Mariners. Technically, it should really be dedicated to one of the toughest looking players in baseball history, Jay Buhner. Many years ago I saw a Mariners’ commercial that featured Jay Buhner, using his shiny, bald head to reflect sunlight into the opposing hitter’s eyes. I know, genius.

Since then, I have been unable to find it despite my best efforts combing the intraweb and plugging keywords like: “bald guy,” and “sweet jesus look at that bald guy!” into every major search engine. Luckily, much like that Buhner commercial, the Mariners have made plenty of other classic commercials, many starring some of the better players of the past 2 decades.

*Seriously, can someone find me the Buhner commercial that I mentioned?

Ichiro and Ken Griffey, Jr.:

Jamie Moyer Tribute:

Two First Names:

Fullness and Sheen:

Big Richie:

The Great Wall of Adrian:

Mariners Bullpen:

The Beltre L-Screen:

Ken Griffey, Jr. Cloning:

Jay Buhner Fly Swat:

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