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The Best Baseball Commercials, Part 7: Kenny “F’n” Powers Magic Number Down to 45

As the end of the 2010 Major League Baseball regular season edges a little closer every day, playoff races from around the league are gradually taking form.  The final months of the season have the potential to produce any number of dramatic, memorable outcomes, especially with some divisional races being three teams deep.  Although the teams with the greatest divisional leads- Texas Rangers and San Diego Padres- seem to be on the verge of pulling away, their respective magic numbers are still 42 and 46.

Oddly, those are not the magic numbers that I care about at this time.  The only number that matters to me is 45, because that is how many days must slowly pass before the Season 2 premiere of HBO’s Eastbound & Down on September 26th, which just so happens to be my birthday, as well as a mere 24 hours after Dee’s birthday on the 25th.

Whether you are an actual fan of baseball or not, the show is sheer genius and absolutely hilarious.  Out of all the conversations that I have had with others about the show, I can honestly say that I have never had someone openly assert their distaste. In fact, I have never even experienced an individual who seems to be on-the-fence, or “ehh” about it.

We are a society that loves, “The Man With The Golden Dick.”

That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to see a few different commercials popping up on major sports networks featuring yours truly, Kenny Fucking Powers.  However, I don’t quite understand why such commercials had to be endorsed by K-Swiss.  Sure, KP will obviously help the company sell a boat-load of their new shoes- “Tubes”- but isn’t there a far more appropriate product for him to be advertising?…..

Yes.  Miller High Life, “The Champaign of Beers.”

Genius, right?  Such commercials might almost be too good, or dare I even say, perfect.  I guess we can’t be greedy when it comes down to the legendary Kenny Powers.

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  1. Fathands says:

    “I play real sports…not trying to be the best at exercising.” – KP