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The Best Baseball Commercials, Part 1: ESPN and More

Other than seeing someone get kicked in the ballsack, there is nothing more hilarious than a quality baseball commercial. There is just something about seeing a professional baseball player reduced to the goofy child that he really is that makes me respect them in a unique way.  As a youngster growing up in the ‘90s, I was privileged to witness the rise of ESPN, their programming and the hilarious commercials that they produced to stay ahead of their competitors. Specifically, it was the commercials that they used for Wednesday and Sunday Night Baseball, as well as the occasional Baseball Tonight clip, that remain a centerpiece in my baseball recall.

Since then, baseball commercials have become far more specialized and now most major networks and teams have their own series of commercials. Thanks to the dry, witty commercials for MLB ’10 The Show and MLB 2K10, it now seems as though these commercials are back in the national spotlight.  As a self-proclaimed baseball lunatic, I wouldn’t be holding up to the title if I didn’t share my favorite videos with the rest of the baseball world. Please… like I don’t have tons of them favorited on YouTube. Over the course of this week, I will address the different levels of outrageous, baseball commercials, whether they are nationally syndicated, specific to one team or network or a clip pertaining to an individual player.

Here are my 5 favorite, nationally syndicated, network baseball commercials that I consider to be towering over the rest. Some are new, some are old- regardless, they are funny as shit and I hope everybody enjoys these videos as much as I do. Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment, which will feature baseball commercials related to a specific product(hint: video games). Until then, I hope everybody enjoys these:

Chicks Dig The Long Ball (ESPN)

Jimmy Rollins (Dick Sporting Goods)

Tim Hudson Sees Something Weird (ESPN)

Adam Scott with Joe Mauer & Hanley Ramirez (ESPN)

Albert Pujols – This Is Sportscenter (ESPN)

Bonus video:

Julia pointed out that I omitted this next one.  I agree that it deserves to be listed as well:

MLB2K10: Andrew Bailey vs. Nelson Cruz

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