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The Best Baseball Commercials, Part 2: Video Games

As I eluded to in Part I, the second installment of, “The Best Baseball Commercials,” is dedicated to my favorite baseball, video game commercials. The first baseball game that I remember becoming totally obsessed with was ‘Sports Talk Baseball’ for Sega Genesis. I know that Rob possesses a similar endless love for this game, considering we spent most of the summer of 2008 barricaded inside, playing it non-stop while screaming at each other. Since ‘Sports Talk’ burst onto the scene in 1991, I think that it’s fair to say that the quality of baseball games has improved, a lot. As games have become more complex and sophisticated, the marketing has followed suit by producing witty commercials starring some of baseball’s most popular players. The genuine quirkiness of each player gives the lasting impression that they are having a blast, and proud to be a part of it. Each commercial is a constant reminder that major league baseball players are human.

MLB 2k10 Player Montage:

Evan Longoria: “I’m raking right now, by the way” – that line is worth the price of admission alone.

MLB 2k10 Pitchers vs. Hitters/Verlander vs. Morneau:

Justin Verlander: “I know Morneau better than Morneau knows Morneau, and Morneau knows it.”

MLB 09 The Show: Dustin Pedroia – The one you haven’t seen

MLB 2k09 Tim Lincecum “Email Skit:”

MLB 06 The Show Commercial:


  1. bob says:

    love the commercial posts, Rosey…hilarious

  2. julia says:

    i think the boom stick commercial should be here, with my boyfriend, andrew bailey.

  3. Mike Rosenbaum says:

    You couldn’t be more right.