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Friend of the Sombrero makes appearance in “Catching Hell”

Nate Pierce as a high school sophomore

In the middle of watching “Catching Hell” for the first time the other night, I had to do a massive double-take as they showed all the Niles Renegades players–the team that Steve Bartman formerly coached–picketing in support of their coach.  As one player spoke, another emerged from the left-side of the screen on crutches; a familiar face and longtime friend and reader of The Golden Sombrero.

I paused the film, turned to my girlfriend, and said, “Holy shit! That has to be Nate right there!” Quickly, I fired off a text to him hoping for confirmation.  Sure enough, Nate confirmed that he was coached by Bartman and that was him in the documentary.  Here is our exact conversation:

Me:  So dude, I’m watching “Catching Hell” and swear I saw you in it.  Am I crazy?

Nate: Haha, yeah that’s me. You know he coached me, right?

Me: I knew it was you! Holy shit! Is that the Niles Renegades?

Nate: Yeah, Niles, and he went to Notre Dame HS too.  It’s funny, I had so many people recognize me.  People at work saw it and were like, you played for Bartman?

Congratulations Nate, you’re officially famous (kind of).

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