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Sign Him Up: Astros, Phillies Fans Impressive on Foul Balls (Video)

Ever since I was a little kid, I have always reserved the hope that I might be lucky enough to catch a foul ball, perhaps even a yard ball, at a MLB game.  There is always that moment right as I get to my seats and check out the view where I evaluate how probable catching a foul ball will be.  Although I have come extremely close on a few occasions, and even caught a few batting practice home runs, I am yet to leave a professional baseball game with a foul ball.  When that glorious day finally comes, I want to have done it the right way- it must be a barehanded, challenging catch.

Whenever I see a fan snag a foul ball with a glove, I cannot help but think that they cheated and are therefore unworthy of my praise.  The well-timed, barehanded catches have always been the most impressive; they are the ones that receive an ovation from an entire seating level, cause the announcers to take notice, and ultimately secure a shout-out on MLB Tonight and Quick Pitch.

Unless you are a seven-year-old kid, bringing a baseball glove to a game just makes you look slightly pathetic.  I don’t want to be like the low-life in Houston who dodged an absolute seed towards his seats on the left-field line, only to have to drill his defenseless girlfriend.  Rather, I want to be like the Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies fans that recently made two of the finest plays on foul balls that I have ever seen:

Philadelphia Phillies Fan Doesn’t Drop His Food

[hdplay id=2 ]

Astros Fan Deprives Mets Fan

[hdplay id=1 ]

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