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Marlins Logan Morrison escapes serious injury after scary moment (Video)

For anyone who has ever played serious baseball, it is common knowledge that when in the on-deck circle, it is important to always be paying close attention as a pitch is delivered.  As a hitter, not only should you be attempting to time the pitcher’s release point, but you also should be paying close attention to avoid serious injury on a sharp foul ball.

However, even when paying attention, an on-deck hitter is still susceptible to being drilled by a foul ball- just ask former Cardinals’ outfielder Juan Encarnacion.  In late August of 2007, Encarnacion was struck in the left-eye socket by a foul ball off the bat of teammate Aaron Miles- an injury that ultimately ended Encarnacion’s career and that has been described by Cardinals’ medical director Dr. George Paletta as, “The worst trauma I’ve seen. Absolutely.”

Fortunately for Florida Marlins’ rookie Logan Morrison, it appears that he will ok after taking a foul ball to left side of his face in the 10th inning of Sunday’s victory against the Atlanta Braves.

With Emilio Bonifacio at the dish and Morrison in the on-deck circle, Bonifacio put a late swing on an outside pitch that resulted in the foul ball that struck Morrison just beneath his left eye.

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The foul ball struck Morrison in the midst of a practice swing, catching him flush in the left cheek before blasting the helmet off his head and into the air.  After lying on the ground for several minutes in an unimaginable amount of pain, Morrison rose to his feet with the help of the team’s training staff and walked off the field under his own power and to a standing ovation from the Marlin faithful.

Before Morrison disappeared into the dugout, we were able to catch a glimpse of the aftermath of the foul ball- a horrific welt the size of his golf ball just below his left eye.  He received x-rays, which amazingly came back negative, although teammates said there were visible seam marks left from the impact.

Since being called up on July 27th, Morrison has made his presence felt by slashing .312/.414/.486, typically hitting in the top third of the Marlins’ batting order.  After Sunday’s extra-inning victory against the Braves, the rookie has now reached base in 25 straight games.

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