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Sidney Crosby goes yard at PNC during batting practice (Video)

Yes, you read that correctly.  Prior to Wednesday night’s game against the visiting Atlanta Braves, NHL superstar Sidney Crosby took batting practice at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, and impressively failed to humiliate himself.  In fact, he did quite the opposite. Sid went yard.

He turned on a pitch, lining into the right field bleachers where it then one hopped a stair, and bounced out of the stadium.

[hdplay id=16 ]

Although the video is short and sweet, Sid’s swing actually looks pretty decent; a little long, but decent.  But then again, I have always found that left-handed hitters’ swings always look great.

Considering that you can hear it strike the stairs on the bounce, as well as how quickly it gets out of there, I think Sid actually has some pop.

Now it’s official, Sidney Crosby has now homered at PNC as many times as Bobby Crosby did in his time with Pittsburgh this season. I’m not sure why the Diamondbacks picked him up…they must not have seen this crap:

[hdplay id=17 ]

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