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Nyjer Morgan should be suspended for remainder of 2010

In the same sense that people say baseball is better with Josh Hamilton in it, the exact opposite can be said about Nyjer Morgan of the Washington Nationals.  Baseball is worse with Nyjer Morgan in it.  On Wednesday night, Morgan continued his dip-shit ways by igniting a brawl with Chris Volstad and the Florida Marlins.  However it was not just the brawl itself that made Morgan appear completely despicable, it was how he handled the entire situation- for a second it even seemed like he might head into the crowd.

Now, considering that he hasn’t even served what was supposed to be a 7-game suspension for throwing a ball at a fan in Philadelphia, I think it’s safe to say that Morgan’s punishment is overdue.  The brawl is just the latest of his extra curricular activities on what has become a deep list of disconcerting outbursts by the center fielder.  Therefore, I think that it’s time that either the Nationals organization or Bud Selig lay down the law and suspend Nyjer Morgan for the remainder of the 2010 season.

Yes, that’s a strong punishment and one with probably little precedent, but Morgan has been a menace to the MLB all season and seems like he makes enemies in every stadium that he steps foot in.  Granted, at this point there is a reputation that precedes him, but by no means does that mean that he has to live up to it.

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As I watched him get escorted off of the field, cursing and gesturing towards any Marlins fan in sight, I was reminded of John Rocker walking from the mound at Shea Stadium.  In that moment, I could sympathize with those fans:

They weren’t booing Nyjer Morgan the baseball player.  They weren’t even necessarily booing Nyjer Morgan for starting the fight.  They were booing Nyjer Morgan, the person.

Honestly though, how much longer will the MLB allow him to embarrass his team and teammates?  More so, how much longer will the MLB allow him to disgrace the game?

After the incident in St. Louis where he went out of his way to drop a shoulder into Cardinals catcher Bryan Anderson without there even being a play at the plate and without Anderson even standing on top of the plate, it seemed inevitable that Morgan would hurt someone on the field.

Well, it didn’t even take a week for that to happen, as on Tuesday night Morgan separated Marlins catcher Brett Hayes’ shoulder on a collision at the plate.  Although the play was technically clean by baseball standards, it was Morgan’s reputation that preceded him and ultimately caused the brawl on Wednesday.

To me, it’s very simple.  Morgan simply does not respect the game.  His antics seem much better suited for the NFL, maybe even the NBA(pre-Artest fiasco).  That alone should warrant a suspension.

If either the Nats organization or Bud Selig possess any common sense, they will promptly suspend Morgan for the rest of the season.  He needs to be made an example of, even if just to restore some of the integrity that he has stolen this season.

And if my words haven’t convinced you that Morgan is bad for baseball, just remember this: The Pittsburgh Pirates traded him for Lastings Milledge.  LASTINGS MILLEDGE.

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  1. Braf says:

    Absolutely. What an embarrassment!