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Don’t Mess with Nyjer Morgan

Fighting in organized sports is generally frowned upon. When football turns to blows the players are described as barbarians, out of control monsters with little or no self control. When basketball teams slug it out they’re deemed thugs and hoodlums. But Wednesday night’s Nationals-Marlins game included one of baseball’s most time-honored traditions, the bench clearing brawl.

Fighting holds a special place in baseball, a moral gray area that while officially outlawed is still accepted as an unspoken part of the game. Sometimes a scrap can be good for team chemistry, a team-building exercise spilling the enemy’s blood. In other sports players can physically confront each other through the course of play while boxing out for rebounds or making tackles. In baseball there is rarely such confrontation although the same agitation exists. Eventually it becomes too much and rather than a flagrant foul or late hit a player will launch an all-out assault. A bench-clearing baseball brawl is spontaneous, one player provoked to the point of attack and his team following into battle. Players, coaches, and fans know that at the highest level of competition this is sometimes unavoidable. That man pushed over the edge on Wednesday was Washington Nationals outfielder Nyjer Morgan.

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