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A Tragic End to Tyler Colvin’s Rookie Campaign (Video)

As Chicago Cubs rookie Tyler Colvin crossed home and walked towards the dugout, those watching at home could clearly read his lips when he was approached by the trainer, “I’m bleeding.”  For the next half hour, frightening rumors circulated throughout the online baseball community, fueled by headlines like, “Tyler Colvin impaled by broken bat,” that seemingly left everyone assuming the worst about the youngster.  It seemed that it would only be a matter of minutes until we were seeing photos of Colvin, laying on the ground with the barrel of a bat embedded in his chest.

Luckily for Colvin, he was not impaled.  However, the injury that he sustained during Sunday’s game against the Marlins will cost him the remainder of the 2010 season according to Cubs manager, Mike Quade.  With the Cubs outfielder on third base, catcher Wellington Castillo ripped a broken bat, line drive down the left field line that ultimately hopped over the wall for a ground-rule double.  Due to Castillo’s follow through on the swing, the barrel of the splintered bat suddenly became a dagger-like projectile, flying through the air end over end.

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Colvin, who had initially turned his head to track the flight of the ball, was struck on the upper, left side of his chest by the sharp end of the shard.  Although it might not have ultimately made a difference, Colvin did not realize that the piece of broken bat was on a crash course with his body until it was a mere inches from impact.

According to Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Sun Times, Colvin was quickly transported to the Ryder Trauma Unit of Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, where X-rays were taken and he was sutured up.

He was treated for pnuemothorax, which is commonly referred to as a puncture of the chest cavity; with such an injury, there is always the potential that air will enter the exposed chest cavity, and ultimately cause a collapsed lung.  Thankfully, Colvin was in stable condition shortly after arriving at the trauma center, although he will remain hospitalized for a few days to monitor the injury.

It looks like all will be ok for the Cubs rookie, which is remarkable considering the extent of the injury, not to mention the fact that the puncture wound was just a few inches from his heart.

In his rookie campaign, Colvin hit .254 with 20 HR(currently tied with Marlins’ Mike Stanton for lead) and 56 RBI– good for an .816 OPS.

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