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Is That Carlos Quentin in the State Farm Insurance Commericals?

We all have seen the All-State Insurance commercials with Dennis Haysbert, or as most of America knows him, President David Palmer from the television show, “24.”  Perhaps it’s just my baseball fanaticism that takes over, but when somebody condescendingly points out that he is the same guy from “24,” I can’t help but want to correct them with, “You mean that’s Pedro Cerrano from Major League.”  Since the All-State commercials first aired, I have found myself laughing at each one, unable to resist the urge of imagining Haysbert delivering each line in the stern, Pedro Cerrano voice.

Over the past couple months I have experienced a similar television phenomena with a particular series of State Farm Insurance commercials.  No, I’m not talking about the one where a group of college friends magically summon a State-Farm agent, a sandwich, their hot neighbor and a hot tub- in that order nonetheless.  I’m talking about the ones featuring that way-too-nice of a guy who bounces in and out of people’s conversations, while offering cliché pieces of advice and promoting State Farm Insurance… or as I like to call them,

“The Carlos Quentin Commercials.”

Each and every time that I see one of the commercials, I am forced to comment to whomever I am with about the aesthetic similarities between the Chicago White Sox outfielder and the actor in those particular commercials.  As a White Sox fan, it is almost too much when I am watching one of their games and am unsuspectingly treated to one of these commercials between innings; naturally, it calls for either a text or tweet to my friends, joking about how much State Farm is paying Quentin for each commercial.  I’ve expressed my conviction over the Carlos Quentin look-a-like, now you can be the judge of it:

[hdplay id=4 ]


  1. Rick B. says:

    I have to agree with you Rosenhoofer.

  2. Buck Nasty says:

    That State Farm guy creeps me the fuck out. I’m always scared he is gonna pop up in some unsuspecting place and begin offering me unsolicited insurance advice. Say it ain’t so Carlos…

  3. hooohaaa says:

    He does say something along the lines of “like baseball people, we love our stats”, does he not?

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