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The Baseball Show with guest Gar Ryness (Batting Stance Guy)

Tonight on The Baseball Show, co-host Clint Evans[Diamond Hoggers] and I interviewed Batting Stance Guy. Just as we anticipated, he offered tons of great stories and was absolutely hilarious. Clint and I thought that we loved the game of baseball more than anyone in this world until we had the chance to talk to BSG.

Topics included:
-His favorite player Kent Hrbek

-How his ‘talent’ came about

-The story behind his faithful “wiffle” bat

-A great story about Joe Mauer

-Derek Jeter & Josh Beckett giving him a hard time

-We talk about those State Farm Insurance commercials with Carlos Quentin

-Joey Votto’s dismount and other players with great dismounts

-His stances to look out for in this World Series

-His thoughts on Brandon Phillips’ ‘pinata swing’


You can follow Batting Stance Guy on Twitter and be sure to get his book Batting Stance Guy: A Love Letter to Baseball.  After reading it, I can honestly say that it is a must read for any passionate baseball fan.

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