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Alexei Ramirez set to win first Silver Slugger Award

What started off as a slow season for the Chicago White Sox shortstop, Alexei Ramirez, now seems destined to end on a much more encouraging note.  Last week, after writing an article on why the White Sox were still worth watching despite being eliminated from the postseason, I realized that I had made a crucial and regrettable omission.

Perhaps I’ve seen a few too many Troy Tulowitzki highlights over the past month, or maybe I’ve just come to expect Derek Jeter to annually churn out MVP-like seasons.  But I had no idea that the production among this year’s American League shortstops was so low.  Needless to say, it was an unexpected surprise to learn that Alexei Ramirez is having the best offensive season among A.L. shortstops and seems likely to win his first Silver Slugger Award.

Ramirez, who is also not too shabby with the glove, is arguably having the best season of any shortstop in the American League.  And with Derek Jeter having what many consider to be a “down year,” a door has opened for someone to dethrone the award’s reigning recipient since 2006.

With less than a week left in the regular season, Ramirez places in the top-five of nine, different offensive categories among American League shortstops:

  • 81 runs (4th)
  • 159 hits (3rd)
  • .281 BA (1st)
  • 28 2B (4th)
  • 17 HR (1st)
  • .428 SLG% (1st)
  • 66 RBI (3rd)
  • 13 SB (5th)
  • .739 OPS (1st)

The only other player that might give Alexei a run for his money is the Tigers’ Jhonny Peralta.  However, it is doubtful that Peralta will be given full consideration at shortstop considering that he has appeared in only 40 games at the position this season.  Furthermore, most of the innings that he has logged at short came after being traded to the Tigers from the Indians, where he had exclusively played third base.

Had Alexei been a permanent fixture at the top of White Sox batting order–as Jeter was with the Yankees–I can’t help but believe that he would have scored 100+ runs like his Yankee counterpart.  Although Ramirez bounced around between the top and bottom of the order all season, he provided manager Ozzie Guillen with great flexibility in constructing a lineup.

Now, I do have a fear that Jeter might once again win the Silver Slugger award this season simply because he’s Derek Jeter and well, he didn’t have a “terrible” year.  If the award really is based on offensive production, however, then Alexei is the obvious winner.  There’s nothing that I would enjoy more than if Alexei were to win the award and finally receive the attention and recognition that he deserves.

But then again, honoring Derek Jeter is something that never really gets old.


  1. Mike113 says:

    if derek jeter wins i will stop watching baseball.

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