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High Definition a Huge Disaster?

Watching the World Cup has been a real treat for me this year because I have been blessed enough to take in matches the way God righteously intended when he gave us television: on a 50-something inch flatscreen in 1080p High-Definition picture. Being a broke college student most of the last half-decade, HDTV was nothing more to me than something I drooled over when strolling stoned through Best Buy on my way to play their free PS3. But now that I have finally graduated, things are looking up: I’ve moved back in with Mom and Dad, whose hard work has provided us all the opportunity to sit around on the couch and watch in vivid detail every individual drop of sweat dripping down each little vuvuzela-blowing African child’s chin, and now that I don’t have school or a job I’ve had nothing stopping me from catching those morning and daytime matchups working stiffs despise and getting so stoned I sometimes believe I am actually in a room filled with Madonna and Sandra Bullock’s vuvuzela-blowing children. Soccer is now finally living up to its billing as the beautiful game, all thanks to High Definition television.

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