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Batter Chatter Gives The Golden Sombrero a Shout-Out!

The baseball blog Batter Chatter is a wonderful website where, as they put it, “baseball and language intersect.”  Each day Batter Chatter gives a break down on some unique baseball terminology, in the form of a definition and references to its historical usage.  As one who has always been as interested in the history and culture of baseball as much as the game itself, I find this place to be infinitely fascinating.  So I could not have been happier when today I found the topic of Batter Chatter to be the bit of baseball vernacular so dear to all of our hearts.  Thanks to David Wright’s dreadful performance last night (sorry, Dee) Batter Chatter found it appropriate to discuss the Golden Sombrero.  They even mentioned this very website and its relation to the atrocious accomplishment of being crowned with that sweet, gilded, Mexican hat.  Kudos to you Batter Chatter; keep up the good work.

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