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Mike Leake still getting lit up like a Christmas Tree

Mike Leake did his best to contribute in the Reds’ 15-2 loss to the Brewers on Monday afternoon, surrendering five runs on nine hits in his three innings of work.  After becoming the first player since Xavier Nady (2000) to bypass the minor leagues entirely, Leake began his career at the back of the Reds’ starting rotation.  His rookie campaign looked to be exceptionally promising when he won four of his first ten decisions over April and May, logging 66 innings in the process.

And then Leake got tired – really tired.  By June his effectiveness had waned considerably – evidenced by his 5.22 ERA and 1.77 WHIP – and he was in the midst of pitching himself out of the rotation.  The subsequent months resulted in more of the same as he posted a 4.56 ERA in July, and 8.83 ERA in August

Leake was placed on the disabled list on August 27 with shoulder fatigue, and was ultimately shut down for the remainder of the season just a few days later.  I was glossing over a mailbag segment with Jayson Stark (I think) one afternoon, and came across this gem regarding Dusty’s runner-up finish in the NL Manager of the Year voting: “I gave Mike Leake my ballot to fill out, but he couldn’t lift the pen.”

Based upon his start on Monday, it appears that Leake has picked up right where he left off in 2010.  I tuned in to Twitter during Leake’s endless-whiplash session to gauge the reaction within the Reds’ community, and once again, Diamond Hoggers killed it with their fearless ribbing of the right-hander.  Why am I not surprised?

I can only imagine what might be said if Dusty were on Twitter…

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