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Mark Grace sweet talks Rosie Red back to his…booth?

It has been a long and draining season for Arizona Diamondbacks announcer and former World Series Champion, Mark Grace.  But just like any desensitized and heartbroken fan, Gracie has demonstrated a knack for finding enjoyment in everything happening in the game, but the actual game–sans Daniel Hudson and Stephen Drew.  For those who tune in to watch Gracie on a regular basis, it doesn’t take long to realize that he possesses the attention span of an excitable, 6-month old puppy.  Combine that with his alleged affinity for both alcohol and women, and you get the kind of situation that occurred during Monday’s game against the Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ballpark.

After three innings, the Reds had jumped out to an early lead thanks to home runs from Joey Votto, Drew Stubbs and two from Jay Bruce, all coming off of the starting pitcher Barry Enright.  With six innings left in a game that was destined for another 5-to-7 Jay Bruce home runs, you knew that it was only a matter of a few poor Diamondbacks at-bats until the real Mark Grace emerged.

The camera crew seemed to think this as well because throughout the inning, they showed almost as much footage of the Reds mascot Rosie Red as they did their own team.  It’s never been much of a secret that Grace was a womanizer back in his playing days(and beyond), therefore it was inevitable that he would attempt to seduce Rosie Red if they put her on the screen.

Sure enough, it began like clockwork:

“Man, there’s Rosie–camera goes back to game for pitch then back to Rosie–oh, there she is! She’s a cutie pie…yeah! She’s hot!”

Rosie’s giant, foam ears must have been burning, because during the sixth inning she made a surprise appearance in the television booth to visit Grace and play-by-play man Darron Sutton.  As if it didn’t already look like it was headed down a bizarre path, Grace and Rosie began dancing in the booth, ultimately prompting Sutton to warn Gracie about where he placed his hands.

Well it just so happens that the Arizona Diamondbacks have a very special “mascot” of their own.  They might be great for each other:

If not, it is still a step-up from her last boyfriend:

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