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Tim Lincecum’s Dugout Celebration

First off, I’d like to issue a genuine thank you to Major League Baseball for not even considering that players might be swearing in the dugout after a game-changing play.  Over the weekend, I witnessed two incredibly audible, profanity filled moments in the dugout –one after Michael Young’s 3-R HR and the other after Brooks Conrad’s 3rd error– that made me wonder who the crack squad of geniuses working in the MLB production room really are, and what in the hell they are actually doing in there.  Clearly they are not screening any of the replays before airing them, and they are definitely not adjusting to the hyper-sensitive mics near the dugout.

While the Rangers video did not make it perfectly clear who was repeatedly shouting, “Fuck yeah,” last night we got a glimpse of Tim Lincecum’s dugout celebration after Brooks “5-Hole” Conrad committed his third error of the night and ultimately ensured the Giants victory.  In the dugout, we were able to witness Timmy at his finest:

[hdplay id=28 ]

I’m not sure what’s more impressive, his competitiveness or his vertical jump.

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