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Changeups and Screwballs: A Southpaw’s Perspective for 9/15/11

–  Who does Shelley Duncan think he is?  He must think he is the man he makes sure all bad things happen in 3’s.  Bad joke…maybe.  But bad defensive outfielder…not last night.

–  Why in the world was Clayton Kershaw ejected for that pitch the other night?  And I better not hear the argument that he was attempting to seek revenge on Parra, either.  That means that you are telling me one of the best pitchers in baseball, a Cy Young frontrunner if you will, wanted to hit a guy and couldn’t do it?  That’s crap.  And so was his ejection.

–  You know Joe Maddon is cooler than a New Mexico winter when he doesn’t mind playing tricks like this…in the middle of a chase for a playoff spot.  And to think, that was poor little Matt Moore making his MLB debut.  Was it the trick that gave up this shot though?

–  The Astros lose again. Weird.  At least Bud Norris made this play; otherwise it was just another day at the corral for Doc Halladay.  You know the kind, one where he goes the distance, throws a shutout, only issues one walk mixed in with a healthy helping of strikeouts, and makes it look easy.  Man that guy is good.   On a short aside, I am hoping the Astros lose every single game from here on out.  Might as well make history, right?

–  Is there any pitcher more frustrating than Ricky Nolasco right now?  His yo-yo season is down right confusing.  How can a guy with that good of stuff- and it is legit stuff- not be worth the dingleberries on his own ass for half his starts?

–  Here is an outstanding article from SBNation’s baseball blog Baseball Nation.  Make sure to waste some work time and read it.


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