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Changeups and Screwballs: A Southpaw’s Perspective for 8/24/11

Apologies for those of you looking for this article yesterday.  At the middle school where I teach we had to teach the new 6th graders how to use and open their lockers, as well as distribute laptops to each individual student.  If that sounds like sitting in hell with a puffy coat on, it’s because it is.  Straight miserable.  Thankfully it is done and over with and I now have time this morning to write.  Here it goes.

–       I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to play baseball in front of 30,000 plus fans…at the age of 12.  Watching those kids in the LLWS is truly inspiring.  If you are to buy into what C.J. Wilson had to say earlier this season, pitching in Williamsport is better than throwing a game in Oakland.

–       On the other side of things in Williamsport, is anyone else bothered by how many breaking pitches are being thrown?  And did you see the utterly shat on ball that Jake Fromm hit last night?  WOW.

–       Nice to see Adrian Gonzalez finally leave the yard again.  80+ at-bats without a bomb probably had fantasy owners worried.  Don’t sweat it.  That was merely the calm before the storm.

–       In Astros news, Wandy Rodriguez has been claimed off waivers by the Rockies, but no trade has been finalized yet.  After acquiring Barmes this off-season, it appears that Houston and Denver are becoming comfy with each other.  I hope the ‘Stros bring back more talented prospects to help the rebuilding push.

–       Seth Smith for president, anybody?  Dude hit another jack last night giving him an August slash of .296/.387/.685 to go along with 7 HR’s and 3 SB’s.  Get him while the getting’s good friends.

–       Is Picasso painting the NL MVP picture?  That race is a mess.  My personal vote goes to Ryan Braun, if I am voting today.  However, if the D-Backs end up winning their division, I find it hard not to go with Justin Upton.

–       When will parents begin to realize that they should never give a game ball to their kids at the game?  Seriously.  Wait until afterwards.  Although in the defense of the children, it has been hysterical to watch them throw so many balls back this year.

–       Way to go fat kid!  Prince is the first to 100 RBI this year.  I love watching that big ‘ol fat kid swing a baseball bat.

–       And speaking of fat kids, Big Fat Bartolo Colon might have hit a wall.  He is strong for 3-4 innings, but then begins to lose velo…and too much of it to be successful.  It was great while is lasted.

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