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Video: Bryce Harper fails to run out double-play

As we all already know, Bryce Harper possesses an insane amount of talent.  But over the months rumors have circulated regarding his perceived aloofness and poor makeup.  The 18-year-old phenom has been repeatedly criticized for his refusal to sign autographs; he blew a kiss at the opposing pitcher after taking him deep; and he’s nearly started several brawls.  In my opinion, however, the following video is the worst of them all. I could care less how big a prick he is towards the other team — in fact, I dig his competitiveness.  But for him to treat the game with such disrespect is wrong, and the fact that the Nationals organization doesn’t reprimand him is a joke.  Having said all that, he’s still easily the best prospect in baseball.


  1. Steve says:

    Yikes, dude. That is pretty much inexcusable. Classic example of a showcase kid. He is going to end up being baseball’s bron bron.

  2. Mevs says:

    That looks worse than you would even imagine. He had it beat. My cousin went to Akron last night to see him play, surprisingly he signed for everyone he could I was told and people were ridiculously mobbing him beyond the normal superstar.

    ….But you have to run out the damn ground balls.

  3. Jervani says:

    What a tool. I don’t care how talented of a baseball player he is, how can you just stop running hard…especially when you have the throw beat? I also have zero respect for the Nationals as an organization. How the hell can they allow this kind of behavior to continue? They should let Harper suit up for the big club, pull this type of shit, and let his peers handle him.