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So you want a Bryce Harper rookie card? Start saving…

Since it seems like I won’t be leaving the house for the next 24 hours due to an assortment of arctic conditions, I thought that I would take a few minutes to expand on something that Clint and I discussed on The Baseball Show.

After sharing our thoughts on’s Top 50 Prospect list, Clint and I wrapped things up with a discussion about baseball rookie cards, more specifically, the astronomical value of  Bryce Harper’s.  The perpetually ascending value of the 18-year-old phenom’s rookie card – as well as anything brandishing his name – is really unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed as a card collector.  While all of his rookie cards will surely increase in value with time, there is one specific card that is destined to be infinitely valuable.

Bryce Harper’s 2009 Bowman AFLAC autographed rookie card has become the most coveted baseball card in modern history, and with good reason.  The card is a beauty and was produced in limited quantities (230 to be exact).  Pulling this card in a pack can only be compared to winning the Powerball Lottery – you know, if baseball cards were the national currency.  It is the Holy Grail of rookie cards.  If the card were a stock, it’d be Berkshire Hathaway.

To support my claim, I thought that I would offer a few examples with the help of the eighth wonder of the world, eBay:

Bryce Harper 2010 Bowman Draft AFLAC auto; Professional Graded 9.5/10 with a 10/10 auto — $1,299.99

Pockets not deep enough? Here’s one that hasn’t been professionally graded:

Bryce Harper 2010 Bowman Draft AFLAC autograph — $750.00

Still want to save a few bucks on one that isn’t autographed? Well, good luck…

Bryce Harper 2010 Bowman Draft AFLAC — $499.99

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  1. Clint says:

    If that card is Berkshire Hathaway, then consider me Miles Davis. Good post Mike. Hoping I luck out and run across one of these when I buy a pack. But I’m probably not that lucky.