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Another Postseason Game, Another Obvious F-Bomb (Video)

On Monday night, Major League Baseball and TBS had another blatant slip up in censorship…and for that we are forever grateful.  Over the weekend it was the entire Texas Rangers team cursing with excitement after a game-changing Michael Young home run; on Sunday night it was a leaping Tim Lincecum, rejoicing after Brooks Conrad’s third error of the game.

Tonight, it was the Atlanta Braves Game 4 starting pitcher, Derek Lowe, that joined a growing list of players that have been heard(and observed) dropping a crisp “F-Bomb” during the 2010 postseason.

Lowe’s clear-as-day “Fuck!” could be seen right as Bobby Cox emerged from the Braves dugout to give the disappointed hurler the hook; Lowe had just walked Pat Burrell to load the bases.  It was an incredibly frustrating moment for Lowe who clearly persuaded Cox to let him stay in the game and face Burrell, despite having surrendered a knock to the previous hitter, Buster Posey.

[hdplay id=29 ]

I’m just disappointed that we didn’t get to see Lowe’s reaction in the dugout after the Giants took the lead a few batters later.

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