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Holy balk, Justin Verlander

Considering the swing-and-miss arsenal that Justin Verlander possesses, he’s always been someone who lets his nastiness do the talking, rather than try to out-think opposing hitters.  After all, that’s essentially the catcher’s job anyway. Verlander is a pitcher who’s at his best when he isn’t over-thinking a given situation.

Well, it seems that his little brain might have been working a bit too hard as he prepared to face the A’s David DeJesus, with Daric Barton (always a threat to steal) taking a baby lead at first base.

What happened next is totally unprecedented and perhaps the wackiest balk in the history of the game.  Believe me, I have seen some crazy stuff on the baseball field, but nothing as bizarre as this.

My best explanation: Prior to taking the sign from Victor Martinez, Verlander made up his mind that he’d throw over to first base and hopefully catch Barton off-guard and in between steps in his lead off.  However, he became mentally incapacitated while pretending to take the sign from Martinez, and ultimately trapped between decisions. There’s a decent chance that Verlander might have gotten him had he actually turned his body the necessary 90 degrees to execute the pick.

I think that Bob Uecker said it best, “That play could be a finalist for the Trojan-Enz Boner of the Week Award.”

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  1. Jim Malewitz says:

    Pretty damn crazy, but maybe not as bizarre as the on-field defecation of a Grinnell Pioneer. I still think that takes the cake.