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“Lincecum! F*ck Yeah!”

For those of you who are either new to The Golden Sombrero or unfamiliar with our writers, you will quickly learn that we are all huge fans of Trey Parker and Matt Stone.  This year, we named our fantasy league “The Denslow Cup,” after the main tournament in their excellent movie, “Baseketball.”  Hell, one of our writers was even nicknamed Towelie –The Towel is also acceptable– nearly 6 years ago; sometimes I sincerely forget that his name is really Justin.  Seriously.

Therefore, when I stumbled upon the “Lincecum! Fuck Yeah!” video the other night, I instantly knew that it had to be posted on the Sombrero.  Even though most of the baseball community has probably already seen this absolute gem, I want to make sure that our writers have the opportunity to enjoy it as well.

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