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The Golden Sombrero’s Top 50 Prospects: #31 – Matt Moore (Video)

#31 Matthew Moore – Tampa Bay Rays


DOB: 6-18-89

ETA: 2013


Pablo Sandoval: was 2009 or 2010 the fluke?

Yesterday I took a look at Jose Bautista and whether his 2010 season was a fluke. Now, let’s move over to the NL and take a look at a guy that many are hoping regains his 2009 form, and forgets about his pathetic 2010 campaign (especially myself considering that I drafted him last year).  He set a career low in batting average.  He nearly tied his career high in strikeouts.  He hit 50% fewer HR’s than he did in 2009.  He is incredibly likable.  He has an awesome nickname.  He is the Kung-Fu Panda.  He is Pablo Sandoval.  So let’s take a look at things and ask, which year was the fluke, 2009 or 2010?


MLB Look-alikes: Joe Maddon and Gene Hackman

The Golden Sombrero presents MLB Look-alikes: Joe Maddon and Gene Hackman

Thanks to Phil for pointing this one out!

Jose Bautista: was 2010 a fluke?

Merriam-Webster defines a fluke as a stroke of luck. As a self-proclaimed fantasy nerd, I am always on the lookout for guys who I think might have had a fluky season.  It does not matter to me if the season in question was a positive or negative; I just want to know if a player is destined to continue down the same path as the previous year, or if his numbers for the next season are going to regress back toward the norm.  With that being said, let’s take a look at two guys that have left tons of fantasy players wondering, “was last year a fluke?”

He was Major League Baseball’s home run leader in 2010 despite never previously hitting more than 16 home runs in a single season.  He touched up baseballs with the ferocity of an early Mike Tyson.  His name is Jose Bautista and is the most obvious choice for this article.


The Golden Sombrero’s Top 50 Prospects: #32 – Yonder Alonso (Video)

#32 Yonder Alonso – Cincinnati Reds


DOB: 4-8-87

ETA: 2011