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Poll: Which speedster’s slow start is more concerning?

For as many hot starts as there have been across Major League Baseball, there have also been an alarming number of terrible starts.  Considering that we are now two and a half weeks into the season, it may be time to borderline-panic with some players, or if you are big league or fantasy manager, at least begin to consider an alternative.  For some players that may mean a trip to the minor leagues, while for others it may mean more days off and a possible platoon scenario.

One thing I’ve noticed thus far: several players known for their wheels simply aren’t hitting, and more significantly, aren’t getting on base.  So, I thought I’d poll our readers to find out which speedster’s slow start has been the most concerning: Brett Gardner, Chone Figgins, Austin Jackson, or Carl Crawford.

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  1. Mevs says:

    Three of the four are killing me in fantasy baseball. I thought Figgins was done years ago.

  2. Rick B. says:

    Austin Jackson has little power in a ballpark that has hurt even one of the greatest hitters of our generation in power production and has 20Ks already. To me he is the easy choice.